Chahva is a registered trademark with OMPIC Casablanca, Morocco under registration number 184 166.

The Chahva brand is owned by BIORGANIC COMPANY, a single shareholder limited company, specialized in the export of high end 100% natural cosmetic products.

Chahva products are picked, processed, produced and packaged in Morocco.



59 Boulevard Zerktouni, N° 24, 20 360 Casablanca - Morocco.


The company is registered under the following identifiers:

  • Casablanca Trade Register N° 375155
  • Business License N° 36397169
  • Tax ID N° 20769899
  • Social Security Affiliation (CNSS) N° 5473054
  • Company Identification N° (ICE) N° 001917155000089
  • Email 1:
  • Email 2:
  • Telephone: +212661108830

Any use of the Chahva logo as well as any Chahva product photos is strictly prohibited without the prior authorization of Biorganic Company.

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